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Build process

  • Create Landing Page
  • Museum Page that lists all museums
    • Make museums display in a grid
      • Name
      • Image

Navbar and Form

  • Add a navbar to all templates
  • Style new Museum form

Add Mongoose

  • Install and configure mongoose
  • Use mLab cloud database
  • Setup Museum model
  • Use Museum model inside of our routes

Show Page

  • Add description to our Museum model
  • Show db.collection.drop()
  • Add a show route/template

Mongoose refactor

  • Create a models directory
  • Use module.exports

Comment model

  • Display comments on museum show page
  • INDEX /museums

  • NEW /museums/new

  • CREATE /museums

  • SHOW /museums/:id

  • NEW museums/:id/comments/new GET

  • CREATE museums/:id/comments POST

Comment New/Create

  • Add the comment new and create routes
  • Add the new comment form

Style Show Page

  • Add sidebar to show page
  • Display comments nicely
  • Add public directory
  • Add custom stylesheet

Add User Model

  • Install all packages needed for auth
  • Define User model


  • Configure Passport
  • Add register routes
  • Add register template


  • Add login routes
  • Add login template


  • Add logout route
  • Prevent user from adding a comment if not signed in
  • Add links to navbar
  • Show/hide auth links correctly

Show/Hide Links

  • Show/hide auth links in navbar

  • Use Express router to reorganize all routes

Users + Comments

  • Associate users and comments
  • Save author's name to a comment automatically

Users + Museums

  • Prevent an unauthenticated user from creating a museum
  • Save username + id to newly created museum

Editing Museums

  • Add Method-Override
  • Add Edit Route for Museums
  • Add Link to Edit Page
  • Add Update Route

Deleting Museums

  • Add Destroy Route
  • Add Delete Button

Authorization Museums

  • User can only edit his/her Museums
  • User can only delete his/her Museums
  • Hide/Show edit and delete buttons

Editing Comments

  • Add Edit route for commments
  • Add Edit button
  • Add Update route
  • /museums/:id/edit
  • /museums/:id/comments/:comment_id/edit

Deleting Comments

  • Add Destroy route
  • Add Delete button
  • Museum Destroy Route: /museums/:id
  • Comment Destroy Route: /museums/:id/comments/:comment_id

Authorization Comments

  • User can only edit his/her comments
  • User can only delete his/her comments
  • Hide/Show edit and delete buttons

Flash messages

  • Install and configure connect-flash
  • Add bootstrap alerts to header

Google Maps

  • Sign up Google Cloud Platform
  • Add Google Maps Geocode API


  • Background image slider
  • Mobile responsive
  • Fuzzy search function