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Java Hellenic User Group Resources

Here you will find material from the JHUG events.



  • Evolving 20+ years codebase by George Gkogkolis slides
  • Transactional Outbox with a twist by Chris Aslanoglou slides


  • Prepare for what Looms ahead by Heinz Kabutz video

April blog post

  • JVM performance tuning by Thomas Pliakas slides
  • An unconventional path to innovation by Babis Makrynikolas video

March blog post

  • Test && commit || revert by Nikos Voulgaris slides
  • Let’s talk about Bean Mapping by Periklis Ntanasis slides


December blog post

  • Micronaut in 15 minutes by Paris Apostolopoulos slides
  • IO Thread vs Worker thread demystified by Georgios Andrianakis slides
  • Emacs for Java developers by Ioannis Canellos slides
  • Advent of Code in Java by Spyros Anastasopoulos slides
  • Tale of a Kernel bug by Alexandros Sapranidis slides
  • Java programming for fun by Spyros Anastasopoulos slides
  • Google Cloud Run.pdf by Paris Apostolopoulos slides
  • Contributing to open source software by Ioannis Canellos slides
  • How a Java 8 backport wreaked havoc by Georgios Andrianakis slides
  • Eurobank during COVID-19_v1.1 by Ioannis Kormaris and Anestis Georgiadis slides
  • Effective Code Reviews by Alexandros Ntousias slides
  • Compatibility testing Hazelcast.pdf by Vassilis Bekiaris slides


November blog post

  • Faster, Cheaper, Leaner: Horizontally Scaling a CI Pipeline by Giorgos Saslis slides
  • Java Memory Management, Bedtime Stories by Evi Hatzidaki

September blog post

  • Quarkus workshop by Georgios Andrianakis video

April blog post

  • Introduction to Quarkus by Georgios Andrianakis slides video
  • Software testing anti-patterns by Kostis Kapelonis slides video


  • How to improve the quality of your application by Ioannis Kolaxis slides video
  • Hands-on TDD by Nikos Voulgaris video


December blog post

  • JUnit 5 by Thomas Pliakas video
  • High performance asynchronous transaction orchestration with Java Reactive frameworks by Nikos Papadopoulos and Vasilis Petropoulos slides video

October blog post

  • Notes on Java security by Dimitris Glynos slides video
  • Java is still free by Spyros Anastasopoulos slides
  • Getting (a bit) familiar with Data Science by Ioannis Foukarakis slides video

September blog post

  • Microservices architecture in action by Ioannis Kormaris slides video
  • An overview of IntelliJ IDEA by Zisis Pontikas slides video

February blog post

  • A short introduction to the Kotlin language by Antonis Lilis slides
  • Istio by Georgios Andrianakis slides


November blog post

  • Using JCache to speed up your apps by Vassilis Bekiaris slides
  • Docker, Kubernetes & Java Microservices by Apostolos Polymenakos and Giorgos Sikalias slides video

October blog post

  • Microservices with Spring Boot by Sam Shemirani slides video
  • An introduction to Java 9 by Ioannis Kolaxis slides video
  • An introduction to Cassandra database part 2 by Petros Kaklamanis slides video
  • ReactiveProgramming by Spyros Anastasopoulos slides video

March blog post

  • Refactoring in practice by Panagiotis Kapralos slides video
  • Microbenchmarking with JMH by Georgios Kalfopoulos slides video



  • Writing maintenable software part 2 by Marios Kogias slides video
  • An introduction to Cassandra database by Petros Kaklamanis slides video

October blog post

  • Microservices in a data science world by Nikos Dimos slides video
  • Writing maintenable software by Marios Kogias slides video
  • GC performance tuning by Thomas Pliakas slides
  • Data Science Vignettes in Java by Rui Miguel Forte slides

April blog post


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