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Charm Documentation
For more complete install docs see
To build the Charm framework, you will need to install at a minimum openssl, gmp, and pbc, python2.7 or 3.x, and its development package.
Openssl is a dependency for Python so you should already have this library installed already. We have provided a make target for automatically building gmp and pbc. Just executing a 'make build' will build and install gmp and pbc in /usr/local directory. Change the install destination for pbc and gmp by specifying DESTDIR with 'make build'.
Note that 'make build' may require super user privileges to install the dependencies.
Installation Steps
To install the Python package, simply execute the following:
- make install
Note that this command may also require super user privileges.
We have provided several cryptographic scheme examples to get you going. However a few of the schemes (e.g. ABE) we provide require an additional Python package. The only package necessary for our Zero-Knowledge compiler and ABE schemes is the pyparsing package. Pyparsing can be easily installed using the 'easy_install' package:
- easy_install
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