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@jakinyele jakinyele released this Aug 1, 2013 · 211 commits to dev since this release

v0.43 beta release

  • simplified benchmarking interface -- breaks compatibility and see docs
  • added new schemes (external contributions from Nikos Fotiou, Fan Zhang, Hoeteck Wee)
  • added pre-computation for group exponentiation in pairing-based modules -- see docs
  • fixed several memory leaks and segmentation faults
  • switched from SHA1 to SHA2 for hashing operations
  • improved serialization -- now using JSON instead of Pickle (security vulnerability)
  • significant improvements to all base modules -- several fixes to integer & ecmodule funcs
  • more robust Android build for Charm
  • significant fixes to 2.7 version of Charm
Assets 9
Dec 6, 2011
version 0.3 for 3.x
Dec 6, 2011
version 0.3 for 2.7
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