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Lojban Dictionary

For use with the Mouseover Dictionary Framework extension for Chrome Web Browser


  1. Download and install Mouseover Dictionary Framework from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Download the Lojban Dictionary source from GitHub and place it into a folder on your system.
  3. Open Chrome's Extension settings from the Tools menu.
  4. Enable the developer mode checkbox and select Load unpacked extension...
  5. Navigate to and select the directory you placed the Lojban Dictionary source code into.
  6. Lojban Dictionary should now appear in the Extensions list. Press the small right-pointing arrow left of it's icon to expand the details and then select the random appearing block of text that follows "ID:".
  7. Open the setting for Mouseover Dictionary Framework and add a new dictionary by putting the ID into the textbox and pressing Add.
  8. Enable the lookup feature by using the appropriate keyboard shortcut (by default, Ctrl+Z). Refer to the Mouseover Dictionary Framework's options for more assistance in using the framework.
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