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A repository for genome-scale RNA structure probing data
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FoldAtlas is a repository of genome-wide RNA structure probing data.
The repository is described in detail here.

The live site is available at foldatlas

Installing locally

  • On macOS or Linux
  • Install the latest versions of:
  • Clone this code repository
  • Create a python v3.4 environment (using conda or virtualenv)
    The requirements.txt file lists the python packages required for development.
    Packages required for production are indicated and are mirrored in the provisioning scripts

Setting up a local FoldAtlas

To initialise the local database with the current live database, set foldatlas_load_sql_dump: "yes" in the provisioning/vars.yml file.
Run vagrant up in the same folder as this file.
The first vagrant up call will install and configure the required components.
The webserver address is http://localhost:8080.

Set foldatlas_load_sql_dump: "no" in the provisioning/vars.yml file.
Subsequent calls to vagrant up will check each component is the latest and start the webserver.

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