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Create your first pull request and get a free Tee from Github and DigitalOcean. πŸŽ‰
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Welcome to HacktoberFest 2019!

Follow these steps to make your first pull request-

Fork this repository.

Clone your forked repository to your local machine.

Add your name in index.html (Just open "index.html" and include your name and the link to your github profile in the "li" tags to make a connection with all other open enthusiasts like us.)

Write these command on your terminal-

git add -A

git commit -m "your name"

git push origin master

Then create your pull request.

Star my repository.

Follow to my account

Share with your friends!!

Congratulations!! You have successfully created your pull request.

Check your progress here (

Wait for your shirt.. Enjoy Coding.. Visit my reposities for furthur help.

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