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Create a hello World in a preferred language (#1)
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Create a hello World in a preferred language (#1)

Participate in Hacktoberfest by contributing to any Open Source project on GitHub! Here is a starter project for first time contributors. #hacktoberfest2k19

#- To submit a pull request to hello_world_Project

  1. Open the hello world issue.
  2. Create a hello world script using any preferred language
  3. Make a pull request to 'Public Branch'.
  4. Add your GIT Name in

Add a hello_world_yourusername.xx script in any language of your choice! Here is an example:

/* LANGUAGE: python ENV: virtualenv AUTHOR: Sobin Mathew GITHUB: */ print ('Hello, World!')

Name the file hello_world_yourusername.xx. e.g., or Include the comments mentioned. Add other comments if needed

Thank you for contributing!

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