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Doc::TypeGraph - Parse a description of the types for documentation.


    use Doc::TypeGraph;

    # create and initialize it
    my $tg ="./resources/type-graph.txt");

    # and use it!
    say $tg.sorted;


Doc::TypeGraph creates a graph of all types in a file that describes them. It gives you info about what classes a type inherits from and the roles it does. In addition, it also computes the inversion of this relations, which let you know what types inherit a given type and the types implementing a specific role.

All types are represented using a Doc::Type object. Categories are just descriptive and are not really used in the generation of graphs. They will probably be eliminated in later iterations of this library.


You will need to have graphviz installed to generate the graphs; it uses dot


[ Category ]
# only one-line comments are supported
packagetype typename[role-signature]
packagetype typename[role-signature] is typename[role-signature] # inheritance
packagetype typename[role-signature] does typename[role-signature] # roles

[ Another cateogory ]
  • Supported categories: Metamodel, Domain-specific, Basic, Composite, Exceptions and Core.

  • Supported packagetypes: class, module, role and enum.

  • Supported typenames: whatever string following the syntax class1::class2::class3 ...; class follows the usual identifier format that might include apostrophes and dashes.

  • [role-signature] is not processed, but you can add it anyway.

  • If your type inherits from more than one type or implements several roles, you can add more is and does statements (separated by spaces).


# Metamodel
class Metamodel::Archetypes
role  Metamodel::AttributeContainer
class Metamodel::GenericHOW       does Metamodel::Naming
class Metamodel::MethodDispatcher is Metamodel::BaseDispatcher is Another::Something
enum  Bool                          is Int
module Test

(whitespace is only included for appearance, it does not have any meaning)

has Associative %.types

Format: $name => Doc::Type.

has Positional @.sorted

Sorted array of type names.

method new-from-file

method new-from-file(
) returns Mu

Initialize %.types from a file.

method parse-from-file

method parse-from-file(
) returns Mu

Parse the file (using the Decl grammar) and initialize %.types and @.sorted

method topo-sort

method topo-sort() returns Mu

This method takes all Doc::Type objects in %.types and sort them by its name. After that, recursively, add all roles and supers in the object to @!sorted


Moritz Lenz <@moritz> Antonio Gámiz <@antoniogamiz>


This module is a spin-off from the Official Doc repo, if you want to see the past changes go to the official doc.

Copyright 2019 Moritz and Antonio This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.