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Scrobble Droid defines a broadcast intent action that other developers can use to easily add scrobbling support to other music-playing applications. Your app handles the music playback and just passes the metadata to Scrobble Droid, which handles the account details, keeping track of when tracks should be scrobbled, doing the actual submissions, and handling errors.

User Consent

You should always offer your users an option of whether they want to scrobble the files they play using your application. The option should be something like "Send details of played tracks to (requires that Scrobble Droid be installed)" and it should be disabled by default. It may help your users if the text "Scrobble Droid" is a clickable link to Scrobble Droid's Market entry: market://search?

Intent Details

The action for the intent is:

The data is stored in the intent's 'extras'. The one required extra is:

Name Type Content
playing boolean true if there is music playing and false if it is stopped or paused

If the music is currently stopped or paused then that is all you need. Any other extras are ignored in that case.

If the music is currently playing then you need at least one more extra. If the music being played comes from the device's Audio MediaStore database then you just need to supply an extra with the track's ID:

Name Type Content
id int or long The contents of the _id column for the track's MediaStore entry

If the music playing is not something that was directly chosen by the user (e.g. a radio broadcast) then the source extra should be set:

Name Type Content
source String "P" for user choice, "R" for radio, "E" for personalized recommendation service, "U" for unknown

"P" will be used by default if this extra is not present.

If the music is not playing from the device's Audio MediaStore (NB: the Video MediaStore is not currently supported), then you have to specify the full metadata in the intent extras. These fields are derived from those described in section 3.2 of the Submissions Protocol v1.2.1, and they have the same meanings:

Name Type Required Content
artist String yes Artist name
track String yes Track title
secs int only if source is "P" or not present Length of track in seconds
album String no Album title
tracknumber int no Track number on album
mb-trackid String no MusicBrainz Track ID

When To Send

The action should be broadcast when music starts playing, when it is stopped or paused, and when a new track starts playing (either because the user changed it manually or because it is the next track in a playlist). Sending the broadcast more often than that (say, when the user seeks within a track) doesn't do any harm, as long as the details of the intent are always current.


Here is a minimal example showing how to broadcast a playing track's details:

Intent i = new Intent("");

i.putExtra("playing", true);
i.putExtra("artist", "100% Cotton");
i.putExtra("track", "Does Anybody Know");
i.putExtra("secs", 120);



I would be very interested to hear any questions or comments you have about this API. Please mail me at scrobbledroid at jjc1138 dot net.

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