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A simple Cube Runner clone using the Unity Tiny framework.
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Tiny Cube Runner


This project is a simple Cube Runner clone created using the Unity Tiny framework.

At the time of submission, Unity Tiny is currently developed using TypeScript (prior to its switch to using C#). I used this as an opportunity to:

  • Become more familiar with TypeScript (I've only dabbled in it a little bit.)
  • Have a go at faking a 3D game environment in a strictly 2D game framework.
  • Have a little bit of fun 😄.

There isn't anything revolutionary in here, but I have not seen any examples of Unity Tiny being used for anything 3D yet.


The game runs in the browser as a simple canvas element and has support for either a touch screen or keyboard/mouse.

Feel free to try the game here:


The cube patterns are data-driven, read via a patterns.json file using a very simple format.

An example of the pattern file with a single pattern available:

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