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Podcast RSS Editor

Started a design podcast couple of years ago, and in the first place, I manually updated the RSS feed for every episode and very soon, I got sick of the 'tags dancing', so tried a little bit building this tool, a very simple Podcast RSS editor in PHP for myself.


  • Put the XML file you wanna edit in the root and select it in the 'Settings' panel and then you can edit / add episodes.
  • There isn't any authentication or security check so please don't put it on the sever in case shit happens.

Change Log

  • [Jul 27, 2017] Added ‘Preview’ function for episode link, image file and audio file.
  • [Dec 13, 2016] Added ‘duplicate’ and ‘delete’ functions.
  • [Jul 20, 2016] Added multi-language support: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English.