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Route Customization
Route Customization

Custom path names

By default route paths are constructed using model names, however aliases can be provided to customize the route paths. routeOptions.alias can be set to alter the base path name, and an alias property for an association can be set to alter the association path name. For example:

module.exports = function (mongoose) {
  let modelName = "user";
  let Types = mongoose.Schema.Types;
  let Schema = new mongoose.Schema({
    email: {
      type: Types.String,
      required: true,
      unique: true
    password: {
      type: Types.String,
      required: true,
      exclude: true,
      allowOnUpdate: false
  Schema.statics = {
    collectionName: modelName
    routeOptions: {
      alias: "person"
      associations: {
        groups: {
          type: "MANY_MANY",
          model: "group",
          alias: "team"
  return Schema;

will result in the following endpoints:

DELETE /person 
POST /person 
GET /person 
DELETE /person/{_id} 
GET /person/{_id} 
PUT /person/{_id}
GET /person/{ownerId}/team 
DELETE /person/{ownerId}/team 
POST /person/{ownerId}/team 
DELETE /person/{ownerId}/team/{childId} 
PUT /person/{ownerId}/team/{childId} 

Omitting routes

You can prevent CRUD endpoints from generating by setting the correct property to false within the routeOptions object. Below is a list of properties and their effect:

Property Effect when false
allowRead omits GET /path and GET /path/{_id} endpoints
allowCreate omits POST /path endpoint
allowUpdate omits PUT /path/{_id} endpoint
allowDelete omits DELETE /path and DELETE /path/{_id} endpoints

Similarly, you can prevent association endpoints from generating through the following properties within each association object:

Property Effect when false
allowAdd omits POST /owner/{ownerId}/child and PUT /owner/{ownerId}/child/{childId} endpoints
allowRemove omits DELETE /owner/{ownerId}/child and DELETE /owner/{ownerId}/child/{childId} endpoints
allowRead omits GET /owner/{ownerId}/child endpoint

For example, a routeOption object that omits endpoints for creating objects and removing a specific association could look like this:

routeOptions: {
    allowCreate: false,
    associations: {
        users: {
            type: "MANY_ONE",
            alias: "user",
            model: "user",
            allowRemove: false