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The handling of area groups is problematic - at rendering time, the engine has no knowledge of the context that a specific
area is being used in. That is, it doesn't know wherher it should be using group-level options of area-specific options.
Instead of binding groups up front, keep the following references/objects
AreaGroup (old AreaData object)
Area (old MapArea object)
When rendering, obtain options directly instead of preloading them into an AreaGroup.
AreaGroup: contains a list of Areas
Area: contains "keys" property
When highlighting an Area, get its group key as the first of its keys, then highlight the AreaGroup for that key
When highlighting each Area in an AreaGroup, build options for the group. There's no such thing as area-specific options.
The whole process of merging options is jacked and needs to be refeactored. Ensure only optoins that matter are passed with "effectiveOptions" for starters.
areas can be members of multiple groups.
options are associated with groups, not areas
rendering should get options based on the group that was targeted, not the area
(or, the default group, if it was highlighted from UI or activated from an area element).
Update documentation:
rebind 2nd parameter (replace all options)
Fix alt image handling:
alt-images do not work when applied as an area-specific option. We need to make
alt-image processing dynamic (when the image is set) so this works as well
as changing this option on the fly.
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