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defaultToCurrentScreen true
# show icons & letters on all windows w/ Window Hints
config windowHintsShowIcons true
config windowHintsIgnoreHiddenWindows false
config windowHintsSpread true
# Window Hints
bind e:cmd hint ASDFGQWERTZXCVBN # use whatever keys you want
# Monitor Aliases
alias mon-laptop 1680x1050
alias mon-left 1920x1080
alias mon-right 1200x1600
# General aliases
alias hyper cmd;ctrl
alias sox screenOriginX
alias soy screenOriginY
alias ssx screenSizeX
alias ssy screenSizeY
# Position aliases
alias centered ${sox}+${ssx}/8;${soy}+${ssy}/8 ${ssx}/8*6;${ssy}/8*6
alias fullscreen ${sox};${soy} ${ssx};${ssy}
alias leftHalf ${sox};${soy} ${ssx}/2;${ssy}
alias bottomHalf ${sox};${soy}+${ssy}/2 ${ssx};${ssy}/2
alias topHalf ${sox};${soy} ${ssx};${ssy}/2
alias rightHalf ${sox}+${ssx}/2;${soy} ${ssx}/2;${ssy}
alias topLeftQuarter ${sox};${soy} ${ssx}/2;${ssy}/2
alias topRightQuarter ${sox}+${ssx}/2;${soy} ${ssx}/2;${ssy}/2
alias bottomLeftQuarter ${sox};${soy}+${ssy}/2 ${ssx}/2;${ssy}/2
alias bottomRightQuarter ${sox}+${ssx}/2;${soy}+${ssy}/2 ${ssx}/2;${ssy}/2
alias topThird ${sox};${soy} ${ssx};${ssy}/3
alias leftThird ${sox};${soy} ${ssx}/3;${ssy}
# oops, these don't snap to the bottom
# they need some thinking I don't have time for right now....
#alias bottomThird ${sox};${soy}+${ssy}/3 ${ssx};${ssy}/3
#alias rightThird ${sox}+${ssx}/3;${soy} ${ssx}/3;${ssy}
# Bindings
bind g:${hyper} move ${centered}
bind o:${hyper} move ${fullscreen}
bind h:${hyper} move ${leftHalf}
bind j:${hyper} move ${bottomHalf}
bind k:${hyper} move ${topHalf}
bind l:${hyper} move ${rightHalf}
bind u:${hyper} move ${topLeftQuarter}
bind i:${hyper} move ${topRightQuarter}
bind n:${hyper} move ${bottomLeftQuarter}
bind m:${hyper} move ${bottomRightQuarter}
# One-Handed
bind a:${hyper} move ${fullscreen}
bind s:${hyper} move ${leftHalf}
bind d:${hyper} move ${rightHalf}
bind y:${hyper} move ${topThird}
# bind r:${hyper} move ${bottomThird}
bind t:${hyper} move ${leftThird}
# bind f:${hyper} move ${rightThird}