A google appengine-based twitter bot to post from a reddit feed
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A google appengine-based twitter bot to post from a reddit feed. See it in action @YinzBot


@YinzBot is no longer tweeting using this codebase, appengine appears to no longer be posting content as of 14 Sep 2016 and I have no idea if any of this code works anymore, this project is no longer maintained and yinzbot's twitter contents are posted by a currently non-public codebase. Sorry for any consternation this may cause.


  1. Tweet reddit posts with a score of 5 or higher
  2. add #hashtag of the subreddit post is in
  3. Auto follow back
  4. post #FF message, selected from followers who mention or RT the bot
  5. find new friends via #FF's on your timeline


Configuration is easy, in the source folder you will find config-sample.yaml that contains:

consumer_key: ""
consumer_secret: ""
access_token: ""
access_token_secret: ""
user-agent: '@Yinzbot your friendly neighborhood reddit->twitter bot | maintained by /u/jkirchartz'
subreddit: 'pittsburgh+penguins+buccos+steelers+pittsburghlocalmusic'
username: 'yinzbot'

Note: Reddit prefers your username in the user-agent.

To set it up:

  1. set up an appengine
  2. set up a Twitter Account
  3. set up a New Twitter App
  4. rename config-sample.yaml to config.yaml
  5. Insert your consumer keys and access tokens for your twitter app
  6. multiple subreddits can be combined with +
  7. change username to your Account's name
  8. change appname in app.yaml to the name of your app on appengine

Originally forked from chrishan's twitter-bot-gae