An Add-On directive for the ion-slide-box, that adds tabs to the slide box, known from the Android Material Design specification
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This Directive adds Tabs for the Ionic Slidebox with moving indicator at the bottom.

Preview & Demo

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  1. Add the slidingTabsDirective.js to your Ionic Project and include it in your index.html.

Example: If you put the slidingTabsDirective.js to your js folder, you should paste the following line into your index.html anywhere after the ionic inclusion.

<script src="js/slidingTabsDirective.js"></script>
  1. Add the SCSS or the CSS code from slidingTabs.scss or slidingTabs.css to your project Styles.


In order to use the Tabs with an existing SlideBox, add the ion-slide-tabs Attribute to the ion-slide-box Element. To name the Tabs you should add the Attribute ion-slide-tab-label="yourLabel" to the slides of the Slidebox. You can paste in any HTML for the labels.


<ion-content scroll="false">
    <ion-slide-box show-pager="false" ion-slide-tabs>
        <ion-slide ion-slide-tab-label="test"><h1>Tab 1</h1></ion-slide>
        <ion-slide ion-slide-tab-label="secondTest"><h1>Tab 2</h1></ion-slide>
        <ion-slide ion-slide-tab-label="<b>boldTest</b>"><h1>Tab 3</h1></ion-slide>


Currently there ist only one attribute to change the behaviour of the tabs:

Attribute Type Default Description
slide-tabs-scrollable boolean true Wheter the tabs should be scrollable (true) or fill up the viewport width (false). In case of false, every tab will have the same size.


I gave my best to give the tabs the look & feel of the Android Tabs, described in Google's Material Design specification. If you want to give the tabs your own look, feel free to edit the styles in slidingTabs.scss or slidingTabs.css.


If you like my work and want to say thanks, you can buy me a beer or a cup of coffe.