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Syntax highlighting and code completion for Sublime Text 2 and LSL Second Life scripting
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Sublime Text lsl syntax

Syntax highlighting and code completion for Sublime Text


Using Sublime Package Control

Step 1: Install Package Control

Package Control is an essential Sublime Text plugin and can be found at:

Please follow the installation instructions on the page and then restart Sublime Text to complete installation.

Step 2: Add this GitHub Repository to Package Control

The sublime-text-2-lsl plugin is not, by default, available in Package Control, so we need to add it.

Open up Package Control in Sublime Text by pressing CtrlShiftP and scroll down to the option Package Control: Add Repository

When you click on the Add Repository option, a textbox will open at the bottom of the Sublime Text window. Enter the name of this repository without the .git extension:

Press enter.

Step 3: Install sublime-text-2-lsl via Package Control

Now we've added sublime-text-2-lsl to our list of available packages, but we haven't installed it yet.

Re-open Package Control by pressing CtrlShiftP and scrolling down to Package Control: Install Package.

Search for the package sublime-text-2-lsl and double click on it.

That's it, sublime-text-2-lsl is installed and ready to go. No restart of Sublime Text is necessary.

##Using Git

You can locate your Sublime Text Packages directory. When inside the Packages directory type:

git clone sublime-text-2-lsl

Restart Sublime Text and the package is installed.


Most of the snippets where taken from the lsl TextMate bundle.

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