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Windows driver with usermode interface which can hide objects of file-system and registry, protect processes and etc
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This toolset is developed like a solution for my reverse engineering and researching tasks. This is a windows driver with a usermode interface which is used for hidding specific environment on VMs, like installed rce programs (ex. procmon, wireshark), vm infrastracture (ex. vmware tools) and etc.


  • hide registry keys and values
  • hide files and directories
  • protect specific processes using ObRegisterCallbacks
  • exclude specific processes from hidding and protection features
  • usermode interface (lib and cli) for working with driver

and so on

Recommended build environment

  • Visual Studio 2013 and above
  • Windows Driver Kit 8.1


Following guide explains how to make a release win32 build

  1. Open Hidden.sln using Visual Studio 2013
  2. Build Hidden Package project with configurations Release, Win32
  3. Open build results folder <ProjectDir>\Release


  1. Disable a digital signature enforcement on a test machine (bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING ON)
  2. Copy files from <ProjectDir>\Release\Hidden Package to a test machine
  3. Right mouse click on Hidden.inf and choose Install
  4. Start a driver (sc start hidden)


A command line tool hiddencli is used for managing a driver. You are able to use it for hiding and unhiding objects, changing a driver state and so on.

To hide a calc.exe try this one

hiddencli /hide file c:\Windows\calc.exe

Want to hide directory? No problems

hiddencli /hide dir "c:\Program Files\VMWare"

Registry key?

hiddencli /hide regkey "HKCU\Software\VMware, Inc."

To get a full help just type

hiddencli /help
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