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My clone of Jiwu Liu's sshsudo project from Mainly to make a mac-friendly edition without sshpass authentication.
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This is my clone of Jiwu Liu's sshsudo project from For the time being, the purpose is mainly to keep a public copy of the changes I am making to make it usable on modern OS X (Mountain Lion) Macs that do not nicely support the sshpass authentication.

It is possible that this will result in this being the future main copy of the original project, as Jiwu Liu has offered me to take over maintainance.

Until I figure out what way I want to go, I will keep the "Mac-friendly" version (i.e. no sshpass) in a mac branch, and Jiwu's original in the master branch.

To get at the original documentation, I will simply forward you to Jiwu Liu's original project page at

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