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hexo-offline is intended to provide offline experience for hexo built static website. It uses ServiceWorker under the hood. Simply install this plugin to your website and it should be offline ready by caching most of static assets.

See here for v1 docs.



npm i hexo-offline --save

Once installed, run hexo clean && hexo generate to activate offline experience.


If the website serves all content from the origin server, you don't have to add any config. Simply install and run hexo clean && hexo generate.

While hexo-offline aims to provide zero-config offline enhancement to your hexo project, it does offer full list of options control from workbox-build. Create a hexo-offline.config.cjs in the hexo root directory

// offline config passed to workbox-build.
module.exports = {
  globPatterns: ["**/*.{js,html,css,png,jpg,gif,svg,eot,ttf,woff}"],
  globDirectory: "/path/to/hexo/public",
  swDest: "/path/to/hexo/service-worker.js",

Again, the config is demo only and you don't have to copy and paste if you serves all contents from the origin server.

What if content is served via CDN?

Suppose that you have used two CDN scripts:


Add this config to root hexo-offline.config.cjs

// offline config passed to workbox-build.
module.exports = {
  runtimeCaching: [
      urlPattern: /^https:\/\/cdn\.example\.com\/.*/,
      handler: "CacheFirst"
      urlPattern: /^https:\/\/cdn\.another-example\.org\/.*/,
      handler: "CacheFirst"

For more information, see Workbox Runtime Caching Entry.


  1. As the CDN resources is runtime cached, it means that the resource will be cached only after a user-agent visit the page where the resource is referenced. Therefore, if you have included a CDN resource in some-page.html only, the user who visit index.html only would not have in cache.
  2. we use cacheFirst handler as CDN resources with specific version are not supposed to change in the future.