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matterbot is a framework for making Mattermost/Slack bots. It uses the Webhooks APIs exposed by both Mattermost and Slack to send and receive messages. Microsoft's C++ REST SDK a.k.a. Casablanca is used under the hood to manage the web-layer.

Getting started

See my blog post and the follow up about getting started with matterbot.

Building an example bot

Pull down matterbot from github:

git clone

Open up Visual Studio. There are two projects in the solution:

  • Matterbot is the project containing the matterbot (static) library.
  • MatterbotSample is the project containing a sample bot

Both libraries require that NuGet has successfully installed the C++ REST SDK. Right click on "References" > "Manage NuGet Packages" > "Installed" and make sure that version 2.9.0 is correctly installed.

MatterbotSample contains one file, main.cpp, but it illustrates the main features of the library.