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Rivestment is a game of MD5 collisions. You interact with the score server through Slack chat channels, and winning strategies generally involve building Slack bots to do the required work and interact with the score server.

Rivestment was created as a teaching tool for getting students engaged in learning how to write high-level and performant software in the classroom.

Setting up Rivestment

Rivestment is comprised of two services: (a) a node.js service and (b) a MongoDB service. Both of these services are containerized and available on

rivestment container

rivest-mongo container

You actually don't need anything in this repository to get started. Simply create a docker-compose.yml that looks like docker-compose.yml-remote. You will need to rename it to docker-compose.yml if you intend to use it as a template.

All you need to do is create a bot, obtain the token, and insert it onto this line of your docker-compose.yml:


In the same directory as your docker-compose.yml, issue the following command:

docker-compose up

and that's it! Navigate using your web browser to the IP address of your container host and get started in the "Instructions" tab.

Building Rivestment

Of course, you can pull down this repository and customize Rivestment to your liking. In this case, you'll want to use the docker-compose.yml that ships with the repository. Again, you'll need to replace the SLACK_TOKEN environment variable with a valid one. Rather than pulling the images from the repository, in this approach you'll build your own custom images.

Of course, the docker-compose command is the same:

docker-compose up


See Matterbot for a C++ bot framework that you can use to implement a competitor bot for Rivestment.