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Twitter Subliminal

Register a Twitter Application

You'll have to go to and register for a new app. Once you've done this,

Save your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in the "Keys and Access Tokens" Tab.

Click "Create my access token", and save the Access Token and Access Token Secret.

After this process, you should have four (4) total tokens.

Easiest: Run from Docker

Docker Repository on Quay

docker run -it --rm \
    -e consumer.key="abcd123abcd123abcd123abcd123" \
    -e secret.key="aabcd123abcd123abcd123abcd123" \
    -e access.token="abcd123abcd123abcd123abcd123" \
    -e access.token.secret="abcd123abcd123abcd123" \

From this interactive session, you'll be able to run all of the twitter-subliminal binaries:

  • tse: message encryption
  • tsd: message decryption
  • tsp: performance testing
  • tst: unit testing
  • tsl: check rate limit status with Twitter Application
  • tsr: reset retweets

Configuring twitter-subliminal

You must have a file in the same directory as your executables. Using the tokens that you've collected from the previous section, you can generate your own .properties easily by inserting the tokens into from the repo:

# Encoding defaults
blocksize : 8

# Twitter account information
consumer.key : abcd123abcd123abcd123abcd123
secret.key : abcd123abcd123abcd123abcd123
access.token : abcd123abcd123abcd123abcd123
access.token.secret : abcd123abcd123abcd123
ca.path :
lang : en

# Logging defaults
log.file : twitter-subliminal.log
log.level : information
log.pattern : %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %s %p [%P %I] %t

# Performance Testing defaults
update.interval : 20
sample.time : 5
blocks.trial : 10

If you have a directory with Certificate Authorities available in your environment, e.g. /etc/ssl/certs on *nix, you can fill in ca.path with this value.

lang can be changed to the language you'd like your original tweets to be in. See


You can either use the binaries from the /bin folder, or you can build your own. Just make sure that is in the working directory.

Setting up your build environment

Clone the repository:

git clone

Navigate into twitter-subliminal, then clone googletest:

cd twitter-subliminal
git clone

Next, ensure Poco is installed in your environment. You won't need any of the Data or persistence bindings--NetSSL, Crypto, and the Core should do it. On Windows/Cygwin, you can install this with the Cygwin installer/package manager; on OS X, you can use homebrew, and on Linux you can check your favorite package manager, but it's easy enough to install from source.

Input your Poco configuration information into the cmake finder:

vim cmake/Modules/FindPoco.cmake

Edit the path to your Poco root, e.g.

set(Poco_ROOT C:\\cygwin64)


set(Poco_ROOT /usr/local/)

Building on OS X/*nix

From twitter-subliminal,

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

This will compile and link all of your binaries into the build folder.

Building on Windows (cygwin)

From a Cygwin terminal,

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G"Unix Makefiles" ..

This will compile and link all of your binaries into the build folder.


Encode subliminal messages using only Twitter's Streaming API and retweets.







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