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__author__="Juliana Louback <>"
import sys
import json
import fileinput
import logging
from collections import defaultdict
python cfg.counts parse_train.dat
Replace infrequent words (Count(x) < 5) in the
original training data file with a common symbol RARE .
It modifies the training data file directly.
Note: First run python parse_train.dat > cfg.counts
with the original training data file
# Function for going through tree, returning a dictionary
# containing the leaves of the tree: key=word, value=tag
# (Terminals in a PCFG)
def walk(tree, leaves):
if len(tree) == 3:
walk(tree[1], leaves)
walk(tree[2], leaves)
leaves[tree[1]] = tree[0]
#Get counts file, read training data, store infrequent words
counts = file(sys.argv[1],"r")
rare_words = defaultdict()
line = counts.readline()
while line:
if "UNARYRULE" in line:
parts = line.strip().split(" ")
count = int(parts[0])
word = parts[3]
tag = parts[2]
# A rare word can have more than one tag association
if count < 5:
if word in rare_words:
rare_words[word] = [tag]
line = counts.readline()
#Go through training data file
for line in fileinput.input(sys.argv[2], inplace=1):
tree = json.loads(line)
# Go to leaves, if word in rare_words, relabel as _RARE_
leaves = dict()
walk(tree, leaves)
for word, tag in leaves.items():
if word in rare_words:
for rare_tag in rare_words[word]:
# Need to check if both tag and word are in rare words
if tag == rare_tag:
# Need to check for the combo, as the word can be present in
# the sentence but not be a rare word-tag combo.
old_tag = "\"" + tag + "\", \"" + word + "\""
new_tag = "\"" + tag + "\", \"_RARE_\""
line = line.replace(old_tag, new_tag)