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__author__="Juliana Louback <>"
import sys
from collections import Counter
import fileinput
import logging
python [input_file]
Read through the input_file, calculate word frequency,
replace words that appear less than 5 times as _RARE_
It modifies the input file directly
#count word frequency, keep hashmap of word(key) and count(value)
data_file = file(sys.argv[1], 'r')
rare_words = Counter(
for k in list(rare_words):
#keep only rare words, count < 5
if rare_words[k] > 4:
del rare_words[k]
#go through the data file
for line in fileinput.input(sys.argv[1], inplace=1):
parts = line.strip().split(" ")
word = parts[0]
#if word is in rare_words list, retag as _RARE_
if word in rare_words and word != '':
word = word + " "
line = line.replace(word, "_RARE_ ")
if rare_words[word] == 1:
del rare_words[word]
#if word is not in rare_words list, keep original tag