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Dec 7, 2010


Tagging the latest stable release as we switch to 2.0 branch.
Nov 26, 2010


Initial commit of v2.0 alpha.
This major update is focused around API usability, consistency and extensibility, events, and breaking out selection and drag'n'drop functionality into external plugins.

Expect this code to be incomplete and buggy at this point.

Since there are so many API changes, I am not making any attempt to retain backwards compatibility.  Hence the new major version.
Aug 23, 2010


Merged in Daptiv changes.
- ADDED:  "toolTipMaxLength" option.
- FIXED:  not all rows getting removed by updateRowCount().
- ADDED:  onHeaderContextMenu event now passes in a column definition as a second parameter.
- ADDED:  "getGridPosition" method.
Jul 9, 2010


- ADDED: preliminary support for cell range selection ("enableCellRan…
…geSelection" option, "onCellRangeSelected" event)
Jul 7, 2010


Merge branch 'master' of
Jul 2, 2010


- FIXED: perf regression with respect to scrolling responsiveness
May 18, 2010


- Rolled back the bad changeset ("updateRowCount() no longer removes …
…an extra row").

- FIXED: Issue 50 - Two bugs: Filtering bug and Add Row bug when filtered.
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