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PowerShell module to interact with FreeNas System


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With This Module we can interact with Freenas and TrueNas System

Getting Started

Install from the PSGallery

Install-Module Freenas
Import-Module Freenas

More Information

Ready and to do list

Lien Web de l'API v1.0

  • Global Configuation (Partial)
    • NTP
    • Email
  • Storage
    • Create
    • Deletion
    • Update (Partial)
  • Services
    • Status
  • Share (Partial)
    • ISCSI
      • Create
      • Configuration
      • Deletetion
      • Update (Partial)

Tested On

  • Windows 10 - Windows PowerShell 5.1
  • Windows 10 - PowerShell Core 6.2.3


Here the first release.


  • We need to fork the repository
  • Submit a Pull and request

Thank you for your contribution.