Small C command line utility to print the current day in the University of York format.
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UoYWeek C

UoYWeek C gives the current date string formatted as used by the University of York. For example, spr/3/wednesday would refer to Wednesday on the 3rd week of Spring term.

This is a reimplementation of Luke Moll's UoYWeek in C rather than C++, full credit goes to him for idea and initial reference code used for this version.



# Clone the repository
git clone
cd uoyweek_c
# To compile
# To install
make install

You now have an executable file, uoyweek. To run it while you're in uoyweek_c/, just type ./uoyweek.

If you installed it you should now be able to run uoyweek from any directory.

You must specify a terms file (defaults to terms.txt in the current working directory), an example of which can be found in this reposity as terms.txt.

You can also pass it the --fancy argument to get proper capitalisation, for example Spr/3/Wednesday.

And you can pass it the --short argument to get a shorter day name, for example spr/3/wed.