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This webapp has two pages. The first page allows a user to input two names and see all time periods where both people are free. This works by querying the mongo database to find the 2 people's schedules and compares them. The second page allows a user to input their schedule and save it to the mongo database

Running this on your own system

installed dependencies in python venv:

(venv should be located in folder called flask in the root directory of the project)

  1. flask
  2. flask-wtf
  3. pymongo[tls]

The Installing Flask section on this page is very helpful

There are 2 files required that are not on GitHub because they contain private information. These 2 files are called and

The file should look like this, with the secret key replaced

SECRET_KEY = 'this-is-just-a-random-string'

The file is used to setup the initial connection to a mongo database. The file should look like this if using mongodb atlas. The only requirement is that a client variable is created that points to a mongo database

from pymongo import *
client = MongoClient("Replace-with-mongo-db-atlas-URI-connection-string")