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Karaoke built with Web Audio API
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Karaoke with Web Audio API

Using the Web Audio API it is possible to reproduce the karaoke filter present in some desktop applications to remove the voice from a song. Who needs a program other than a browser?

  • Drag and drop a music file (mp3, wav, ogg...)
  • Sing it!


This karaoke uses a number of projects to work properly:


Download it and open the index.html file. In order to play the demo song you need to start the code from a server, due to browser limitiations.

Browser support

  • Chrome for Desktop
  • Chrome Beta for Android. Open chrome://flags/ and enable "Enable WebAudio Android - Enabling this option allows web sites to access the WebAudio API."

Future improvements

  • Improve karaoke filter
  • Advanced options to tweak the filter
  • Play / pause controls
  • Research lyrics integration
  • Spotify Web Player integration?


I, @jmperezperez, just put everything in place. Without @possan's help on how to use the Web Audio API this would have been impossible. Big kudos to him!



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