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Spotify Deduplicator

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Have you ever wanted to remove duplicated songs from your Spotify library? Now you can find and remove them using Spotify Dedup.

This project uses the Spotify Web API for managing playlists. Just log in and it will traverse your playlists, finding songs that appear multiple times with the same identifier (Spotify URI) in a given playlist.

If it finds duplicates, they can be removed just pushing a button. And since it doesn't create a whole new playlist, it keeps all the information like creation date and subscribers.

Try it

You can check it out on or run it locally.

Install and run

Install the dependencies:

yarn install

Run it:

yarn dev

Then open http://localhost:3000 in a browser


In order to test saved tracks, create duplicated tracks by executing the Web API request on,1poUtf2dDdVUtWL8tn03Wd,6ADSaE87h8Y3lccZlBJdXH,2x45xqISlmmDJqxOqr8BuS,1iQ1BpOGF1Umd3lpTV4OPO.

About the tools used and implementation details

Spotify Web API and Promises

This app is a good example of how to traverse a user's library without incurring in rate limit. Have a look at the code and see how Promises and a Promise Queue are used to control the amount of requests sent to the Spotify Web API. If you are interested in throttling promises, check out promise-throttle.