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Spotify "save as playlist" polymer element

This is an example of a Polymer Web Component that implements a component for saving a list of track uris as a playlist on Spotify. It is in a BETA status and bound to be changed.


First, make sure you register an application as a developer on Spotify. Go to My Applications and create a new application. The component needs certain data that you need to specify:

  • client_id: The one you get from your app profile
  • redirect_uri: An absolute URL pointing to a callback page
  • name: The name of the playlist to create
  • public: Optional, defaults to true. Whether the playlist will be public. Depending on the value, a different scope will be required.
  • uris: A string representation of an array of track uris to append.

The component uses the Implicit Grant OAuth 2.0 flow and asks See how you would use it:

  <script type="text/javascript" src="bower_components/platform/platform.js"></script>

  <link rel="import" href="bower_components/spotify-save-as-playlist/index.html">
    name="My playlist"
    client-id="<your app client_id>"
    redirect-uri="<your app redirect_uri>"

Your redirect-uri will point to a HTML page that gets the access token and passes it to the page where the component is rendered. Grab the contents from the callback.html page and paste them in your callback page.

More instructions on how to use the component will be added shortly to the project.

Why to use the component

The components embeds different steps needed for creating a playlist:

  • It provides an easy interface for obtaining an access token from Spotify.
  • It fetches the user's id from the logged in user.
  • It creates a playlist in the user's library.
  • It appends the specified tracks to the playlist that has just been created.


  • Expose events to subscribe to (token not obtained, error creating a playlist, success creating it...)
  • Allow style customisation


Polymer Web component to save as a playlist







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