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bobjacobsen committed Oct 23, 2018
1 parent 834126a commit 02e92a7112afa896f2bf75d0ca4ecb26a3e76e76
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@@ -74,11 +74,7 @@ If you're attempting to perform this on MS Windows, refer to the MS Windows note
- Update this note by executing the following line in your JMRI repository directory while you _don't_ have this file open in an editor. There are more details in the comments; arguments when you run it should be last release, this release you're making, the next release; you may need to update what's below:
<<<<<<< Updated upstream
./scripts/ 4.13.4 4.13.5 4.13.5
./scripts/ 4.13.4 4.13.5 4.13.6
>>>>>>> Stashed changes
(and then manually update the end of that line above to be this version being made today, next version to be made later, one after that; i.e. when starting to do *.4, the arguments after you edit it here are *.4 *.5 *.6)

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