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<p>If neither option is enabled, or the steal / share is not possible, a notification will be displayed:</p>

<img src="images\web\cbus-throttle-stolen-dialogue-278x138.png"
<img src="images/web/cbus-throttle-stolen-dialogue-278x138.png"
width="278" height="138" alt="JMRI MERG CBUS Stolen Throttle Dialogue">

<p>Ticking the checkbox before closing the popup will supress loco steal notifications for
@@ -503,10 +503,6 @@

<p>Events do not need to be set up to connect a MERG DCC Command Station CANCMD.</p>

<p>DCC Accessory Decoders can be controlled over MERG CBUS and a CANCMD
by creating turnouts with explicit RDCCx Opscode commands,
see <a href="Names.shtml#hex">MERG CBUS hex event naming</a>.
@@ -522,8 +518,6 @@

<p>There are definitions within DecoderPro for the MERG CANACC5 and other MERG DCC decoders.</p>

<h2><a id="signalling" name="signalling">Signalling</a></h2>

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