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bobjacobsen committed May 31, 2019
1 parent e52d1e4 commit 79012f6df22cffe4216fc4a0546e2a561f0f510c
Showing with 17 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +17 −8 xml/decoders/Digitrax_0SFX_Series6.xml
@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@
<version author="Alain Le Marchand" version="1.1" lastUpdated="20140615"/>
<version author="Alain Le Marchand" version="2" lastUpdated="20150614"/>
<version author="John McMasters" version="3" lastUpdated="20150919"/>
<version author="Alain Le Marchand" version="4" lastUpdated="20170218"/>
<version author="Alain Le Marchand" version="4" lastUpdated="20170218"/>
<version author="James Exler" version="5" lastUpdated="20190521"/>
<!-- Created from version 7 of the Digitrax_0SFX file -->
<!-- and from Digitrax_2SFX file (John McMasters 1/26/2014, in JMRI Users file section) -->
<!-- Version 1 (Alain Le Marchand) -->
@@ -36,6 +37,8 @@
Defaut function labels according to Digitrax V2 manual
Function number = 12 for all decoders (for consist advanced function behavior) -->
<!-- WARNING : Low and High Versions of decoders (CV07) unknown (by me) - to be adjusted after users feed back -->
<!-- Version 5 (James Exler
Revised choices and selections at CV11 (Sound Time Out) as they were reversed and confusing. Changed selection tabs to On/Off and time out to 06, 30 or 60 sec -->
<family name="SFX Sound Decoders - Series 6" mfg="Digitrax" lowVersionID="16" highVersionID="16">
<model model="SDN136PS" numOuts="3" numFns="12" maxMotorCurrent="1.0A (peak=2A)" formFactor="N" connector="NMRAmedium" productID="SDN136PS" comment="N/H0-Scale 8-bit Sound Decoder, with medium plug">
@@ -262,17 +265,23 @@
<label xml:lang="de">Hersteller ID: </label>
<xi:include href=""/>
<variable CV="11" tooltip="Sound stays on after loco is de-selected" item="Sound Option 7" default="6">
<variable CV="11" tooltip="Sound times out after loco is de-selected or idle" item="Sound Option 7" default="60">
<enumChoice choice="Yes" value="0">
<choice xml:lang="it">Si</choice>
<enumChoice choice="Off" value="0">
<choice xml:lang="it">spento</choice>
<enumChoice choice="No" value="6">
<enumChoice choice="On:06" value="06">
<enumChoice choice="On:30" value="30">
<enumChoice choice="On:60" value="60">
<label>Sound Time Out</label>
<label>Sound Time Out (seconds)</label>
<label xml:lang="it">Durata Suono</label>
<xi:include href=""/>

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