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bobjacobsen committed Jun 24, 2019
1 parent 5a4264b commit 7950ec4f7b4466f3c0212c5264e36b726da1e19e
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@@ -51,13 +51,13 @@

<tr><td align="right">
<a href="">Travis:</td><td>
<a href="">Travis:</a></td><td>
<a href=''><img src='' title="Travis`"></a>

<a href="">AppVeyor:
<a href="">AppVeyor:</a>
<a href=''><img src='' title="AppVeyor`"></a>

<a href="">Coveralls:
<a href="">Coveralls:</a>
<a href=''><img src='' title="Coveralls`"></a>

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