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  2. +273 −136 help/en/package/jmri/jmrit/beantable/LightAddEdit.shtml
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@@ -89,6 +89,10 @@
clock is running (ACTIVE) or stopped (INACTIVE). The
IMCURRENTTIME memory contains the current fast-clock time,
and can be easily accessed from Logix and scripts.</p>

<p>Lights can be an easy way to set up Fast Clock Logic, see
<a href="../../../package/jmri/jmrit/beantable/LightAddEdit.shtml#lightcontrolfastclock"
>Light Controller - Fast Clock Follower</a>.</p>

<p>Happy timekeeping!</p>
<!--#include virtual="/Footer" -->

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@@ -62,8 +62,8 @@ TitleAddTransit = Add New Transit
TitleEditTransit = Edit Transit
TitleAddLight = Add New Light
TitleEditLight = Edit Light
TitleAddLightControl = Add New Light Control
TitleEditLightControl = Edit Light Control
TitleAddLightControl = Add New Light Controller
TitleEditLightControl = Edit Light Controller
TitleAddAudioBuffer = Add/Edit Audio Buffer
TitleAddAudioSource = Add/Edit Audio Source
TitleAddAudioListener = Add/Edit Audio Listener
@@ -141,45 +141,45 @@ AddRangeBox = Add a sequential range
LightAddRangeHint = Check to add more than one Light with sequential addresses
LightNumberToAddHint = Set the number of sequential address Lights to add (Max. 50)
LightUserNameHint = Enter User Name for new Light, e.g. 'Jones House'
LightControlType = Control Type:
LightControlType = Controller Type:
LightControlTypeHint = Select how the new Light is to be controlled
LightSensorSenseActivTip = <html>Light ON when Sensor changes to Active<br>Light OFF when Sensor changes to Inactive</html>
LightSensorSenseInactivTip = <html>Light ON when Sensor changes to Inactive<br>Light OFF when Sensor changes to Active</html>
LightConToClosedOrThrownTip = <html>Light ON when Turnout changes to {0}<br>Light OFF when Turnout changes to {1}</html>
Light2SensorSenseActivTip = <html>Light ON when either Sensor changes Active<br>Light OFF when both Sensors Inactive</html>
Light2SensorSenseInactivTip = <html>Light ON when either Sensor changes Inactive<br>Light OFF when both Sensors Active</html>
LightSensor = Control Sensor{0}
LightSensor = Controller Sensor{0}
LightSensorHint = Select the Sensor controlling this Light
LightSensorSense = Sense for ON:
LightSensorSenseHint = Select Sensor state corresponding to Light ON
LightScheduleOn = Time ON:
LightScheduleHint = Enter hours as for a 24-hour clock
LightScheduleHintMinutes = Enter the minutes
LightScheduleOff = Time OFF:
LightTurnout = Control Turnout:
LightTurnout = Controller Turnout:
LightTurnoutHint = Select the Turnout that drives the Light
LightTurnoutSense = Status for ON:
LightTurnoutSenseHint = Select Turnout state corresponding to Light ON
LightTimedSensor = Trigger Sensor:
LightTimedSensorHint = Select the Sensor triggering Timed ON
LightTimedDurationOn = Duration ON (msec):
LightTimedDurationOnHint = Enter duration of Timed ON in milliseconds
LightNoneSelected = No Automated Control Selected
LightControlBorder = Light Control
LightNoneSelected = No Automated Controller Selected
LightControlBorder = Light Controller
LightVariableBorder = Variable Intensity
LightCreateButtonHint = Click here to create a new Light
LightUpdateButtonHint = Click here to change this Light
LightCancelButtonHint = Click to leave unchanged
LightCreateControlButtonHint = Click to create a new Light Control
LightUpdateControlButtonHint = Click to change the Light Control
LightAddControlButton = Add Control
LightAddControlButtonHint = Click to add a Light Control to this Light
LightCreateControlButtonHint = Click to create a new Light Controller
LightUpdateControlButtonHint = Click to change the Light Controller
LightAddControlButton = Add Controller
LightAddControlButtonHint = Click to add a Light Controller to this Light
LightTwoSensorHint = Select the two Sensors controlling this Light

LightControlDescription = Description
LightSensorControl = By Sensor
LightSensorControlTip = Light updated when the Sensor changes to Active or Inactive
LightFastClockControl = By Fast Clock
LightFastClockControl = By Fast Clock Follower
LightFastClockControlTip = Light updated each FastClock minute
LightTurnoutStatusControl = By Turnout Status
LightTurnoutStatusControlTip = Light updated when the Turnout changes to {0} or {1}
@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ LightWarn4 = Warning: New Light refers to address alre
LightWarn5 = Warning: Requested Light "{0}" uses same address as Turnout "{1}".\nDo you still want to add this Light?
LightWarn8 = Error: Trigger Sensor could not be provided. Light Control not created.
LightWarn9 = Warning: Intensity not set. Minimum must be lower than Maximum.
LightWarn10 = No Control Turnout selected. Turnout Control removed.
LightWarn10 = No Controller Turnout selected. Turnout Controller removed.
LightWarn11 = Error: ON and OFF times should not be the same.

ReminderInUse = It is in use by {0} other objects including.
@@ -686,21 +686,20 @@ public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent propertyChangeEvent) {
// light control table
JPanel panel3 = new JPanel();
panel3.setLayout(new BoxLayout(panel3, BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));
JPanel panel31 = new JPanel();
lightControlTableModel = new LightControlTableModel();
JTable lightControlTable = new JTable(lightControlTableModel);
lightControlTable.setPreferredScrollableViewportSize(new java.awt.Dimension(550, 100));
lightControlTable.setPreferredScrollableViewportSize(new java.awt.Dimension(600, 100));
TableColumnModel lightControlColumnModel = lightControlTable.getColumnModel();
TableColumn typeColumn = lightControlColumnModel.getColumn(LightControlTableModel.TYPE_COLUMN);
TableColumn descriptionColumn = lightControlColumnModel.getColumn(
ButtonRenderer buttonRenderer = new ButtonRenderer();
lightControlTable.setDefaultRenderer(JButton.class, buttonRenderer);
TableCellEditor buttonEditor = new ButtonEditor(new JButton());
@@ -714,8 +713,7 @@ public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent propertyChangeEvent) {
JScrollPane lightControlTableScrollPane = new JScrollPane(lightControlTable);
panel31.add(lightControlTableScrollPane, BorderLayout.CENTER);
JPanel panel35 = new JPanel();
panel35.setLayout(new FlowLayout());
panel35.add(addControl = new JButton(Bundle.getMessage("LightAddControlButton")));
@@ -1096,8 +1094,8 @@ void createPressed(ActionEvent e) {
return; // without creating
// set control information if any
clearLightControlsTable(); // remove all controls from local list
clearLightControlsTable(); // remove all controls from local list
lightCreatedOrUpdated = true;

@@ -1597,6 +1595,8 @@ private void setUpControlType(int ctype) {

if (ctype==Light.SENSOR_CONTROL) {
// set up panel for sensor control
@@ -1690,6 +1690,8 @@ private void setUpControlType(int ctype) {
defaultControlIndex = Light.NO_CONTROL;
} else {
log.error("Unexpected control type in controlTypeChanged: {}", ctype);

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