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NetBeans launch

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bobjacobsen committed Sep 10, 2018
1 parent c53f72e commit 7d38a872dc06da54d38a8959207e7bd36f813194
@@ -319,14 +319,19 @@
A new JMRI checkout should build cleanly. If not, please
check with the JMRIusers or jmri-developers mailings
lists for help.</p>

<a href="images/NetBeansContextLaunch.png"><img src="images/NetBeansContextLaunch.png" height="319" width="147" align="right"></a>
<li>[Run] -&gt; [Run Project (JMRI)] will compile and
invoke DecoderPro</li>

<li>You can choose other targets (i.e. PanelPro...) by
changing [File]-&gt;[Project Properties
(JMRI)]-&gt;[Build and Run]-&gt;[Run Project]</li>
right-clicking (or control clicking) to get the
project contextual menu. This works in
various places, but most certainly on the
"JMRI" icon under Projects in the left side-bar.
In the middle of that menu are
items for launching PanelPro, launching DecoderPro
and doing other build steps.</li>

<p>If you want to run the program under the NetBeans
Binary file not shown.

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