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bobjacobsen committed Jun 13, 2019
1 parent 0cac24f commit 7eedbd9b9a14c79593f9ac11a6eafb1136e83795
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<p><a href="../../html/setup/images/PrefsConnections_en.png"><img src=
"../../html/setup/images/PrefsConnections_en.png" height="195" width="425"
align="right" alt="JMRI v4 Connection Prefs tab"></a>
align="right" alt="JMRI v2.14 Connection Prefs tab"></a>
connection has its own unique tab. To get started, first
select your DCC System Manufacturer, followed by the type of
@@ -102,15 +102,20 @@
<a name="Defaults" id="Defaults"></a>
<h2 style="float:clear">Defaults</h2>
<a href="images/JMRI_PrefsDefaults.png">
<img src="images/JMRI_PrefsDefaults.png" height="222" width="419"
align="right" alt="JMRI v2.14 Defaults Prefs tab">
<img src="images/JMRI_PrefsDefaults.png" height="236" width="468"
align="right" alt="JMRI v4.15 Defaults Prefs tab">
<p>If you are using multiple connections, e.g. a LocoNet Connection and a
MERG Connection, the Defaults pane lets you select which connection
you want to use for a particular purpose.</p>
<p>The Internal connection is the default connection, however, since this
is almost always undesirable, JMRI applications will notify you if the
Internal connection is the default for every purpose. To silence this
you want to use for a particular purpose. For example, you
can select one connection (LocoNet in the figure) for train throttles
and consists,
while using a different one (SPROG in the figure) for the
service mode programming track.</p>
<p>The Internal connection can be selected as a default.
To avoid a common mis-configuration, JMRI applications will notify you if the
Internal connection is selected across all the columns.
If you choose to use an all-Internal set of defaults and want to silence this
notification, edit the profile properties, setting the property
<code>jmri-managers.allInternalDefaults</code> to <em>true</em>.</p>

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