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bobjacobsen committed Sep 7, 2018
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@@ -300,6 +300,8 @@
<li>Bob Coleman added the CTI Acela support and did a huge
amount of work on the operations code tests.</li>

<li>Joe Comuzzi added some icon tests</li><!-- jcomuzzi -->

<li>John Crellin contributed numerous new and improved
decoder definitions for MRC decoders and the Kato
@@ -551,8 +553,8 @@
<li>Georg Kautzsch, who provided a decoder definition for
the Uhlenbrock 67800 servo decoder.</li>

<li><!-- klk32003 -->
Klaus Killinger, who improved the sound support
Klaus Killinger, who improved the sound support <!-- klk32003 -->
and has provided multiple sound projects</li>

<li>Scott Kitts, who helped debug the new communications

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