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Update HornbyTTS.xml

Added Coronation class, Castle Class, Lord Nelson and S15 Definitions.
Sound level CV's split into 5 sections to make updating easier.  
				Track 1 sound levels (CV's 160, 161, 177)
				Quick Set Volume settings (CV's 178, 182)
				Diesel Locomotives track 2 volumes (CV's 162 - 180)
				Steam locomotives track 2 sound levels (CV's 162 - 181)
				Start delay and Notching (CV 201 and CV's 210 - 215)
				Sound settings reorganised so that volume sliders are in Function order and all main Loco sounds are grouped.
Used dummy roster and dummy locos to check each loco had the correct sound level controls and are in the correct order and relate to the correct Function no.

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brianjackson1 committed Oct 16, 2018
1 parent 1db86bd commit c7df11fead603113d8c4c6bd04b443bbaabdd31d
Showing with 438 additions and 238 deletions.
  1. +438 −238 xml/decoders/HornbyTTS.xml

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