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enable firefox tests on the headless travis build.

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pabender committed Mar 15, 2019
1 parent 995a018 commit d767969dee1c43d3cacace4d19e410335e4611d2
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@@ -29,8 +29,7 @@ if [[ "${HEADLESS}" == "true" ]] ; then
-Dsurefire.runOrder=${RUN_ORDER} \
-Dant.jvm.args="-Djava.awt.headless=${HEADLESS}" \
-Djava.awt.headless=${HEADLESS} \
-Dcucumber.options="--tags 'not @Ignore' --tags 'not @firefox' --tags 'not @chrome'"
-Dcucumber.options="--tags 'not @Ignore' --tags 'not @firefox' --tags 'not @headed'"
-Dcucumber.options="--tags 'not @Ignore' --tags 'not @chrome' --tags 'not @headed'"
# run full GUI test suite and fail on coverage issues

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