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document new options for consist.

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is selected in this case, no consists will be created.

<h4>Consists and the JMRI Roster</h4>

JMRI users sometimes create Advanced Consists using the programmer to
set the value of CV19. Begining with JMRI Version 4.17.3, the JMRI
consisting tools provide some tools to synchronize the advanced
consists created by programming with those of the advanced

<h5>Import From Roster</h5>

Users can import consists created with the programmer into the
Consist Manager by selecting the <i>Scan Roster for Consists</i>
option in the Consist Control's <i>File</i> menu.

<img src="images/ConsistTool-ScanForConsist.png" alt="The Scan For Consists Option is a Choice in the Consist Control Window's file Menu" />

Once the scan completes, any consists discovered will be added to the
list of consists available to the Consist Control. Please note that
this tool does not write the consists to the DCC system.

<h5>Keeping the Roster Synchronized</h5>
Users may choose to have JMRI update consist information in their roster
when creating and removing locomotives from Advanced Consists. This
optin is activated by checking the <i>Update CV19 in roster when
modifying advanced consists</i> box in the <i>Consist Control</i>
section of the JMRI preferences.

<img src="images/ConsistControl-Preferences.png" alt="Preferences for the Consist Control" />

Selecting this option may cause a performance impact when modifying
rosters, due to reading and writing the roster file. This option is
disabled by default.

<a name="tool" id="tool">
</a><h2>Using the Consist Tool</h2>
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