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<li>Mark Gurries, who provided loaner equipment and great
ideas. He's currently working on decoder definitions for
DecoderPro <a name="H" id="H"></a></li>
DecoderPro </li>

<a name="H" id="H"></a>

<li>Victoria K. Hall led the legal action that held Matt
Katzer responsible for his depredations against JMRI</li>
@@ -504,27 +506,33 @@

<li>Brett Hoffman, who provided support for zero-config
("Bonjour"-like) networking and WiFi access to throttles.
<a name="I" id="I"></a></li>

<a name="I" id="I"></a>

<li>Osvaldo Hojvat provided definitions for several
<a href-"">LDH</a>

<li>Al Huberty, who organized our first users meeting at
the NMRA Toronto convention <a name="J" id="J"></a></li>
the NMRA Toronto convention</li>

<a name="J" id="J"></a>

<li>AJ Ireland of Digitrax, who loaned equipment, answered
questions and made valuable suggestions</li>

<li>John Jabour, who created the excellent LocoBuffer and
thereby made reliable LocoNet communications routine</li>

<li>Martin Jahner, who fixed the constant checkboxen</li>

<li>Brian Jackson <!-- brianjackson1 -->
who updated the Hornby TTS library</li>

<li>Bob Jacobsen, who wrote some of the early code and does
packaging and user support</li>

<li>Martin Jahner, who built a replacement library for Mac
<li>Martin Jahner, who fixed the constant checkboxen
and built a replacement library for Mac
OS X</li>

<li>Jay Janzen, who debugged a RobotThrottle problem, and

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