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Online social media research and computational journalism project by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong. Led by Dr. King-wa Fu (Principal Investigator). Developer until August 2012: Cedric Sam
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googleplus Google+ support for comments
qq sql dumps, qq and google+ activities
sinafetch support for OAuth 2. user timeline + status only
sinaweibo sql dumps, qq and google+ activities
README Periodic update Commit Facebook Commit Facebook
facebook.token.README.txt Readme for generating the Facebook token
facebook_pull.sql commit Superseded by occasional commit occasional commit MAXTRIES=10 support for listid-based reports Not used anymore. Superseded by occasional commit monthly update occasional commit Periodic update Periodic update
sinaweibo.sql first commit added support for getting reposts in orig posts
sinaweibo_pull.sql Periodic update occasional commit Twitter relations keys
twitter_pull.sql don't know...


Code repository for the computational journalism project (Social) of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at HKU

We developed tools to pull data from Sina Weibo, Twitter and Facebook, as well as blogs and HK forums.

Since the second part of 2011, the Sina Weibo tools are Python scripts that leverage the librairies provided by Sina (weibopy) to access their API through OAuth2. and perform various pull operations from Twitter and Facebook. The OAuth token and secret, Facebook ID, should be in your version of Usage information is generally available when running the script. is used for searching (a way of discovering new contents by keyword search).

twitter_pull.sql and facebook_pull.sql should create the postgresql databases needed to store the data of these aforementioned scripts.

In late November 2011, we added scripts to fetch data from the Google+ and the QQ Weibo API. The database schema are available in their respective sub-directories.

These scripts are developed under Linux (Ubuntu Lucid 10.04). I used Python 2.6.5 and my version of Postgresql is 8.4 (with Postgis 1.5).
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