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KC-137R family project by J Maverick 16 and Octal450 Hangar.

This repo contains 6 military aircrafts derived from the Boeing 707 and it's variants.

  • KC-137R Stratotanker: Advanced Air-To-Air Refueling System, featuring up to date technologies (CFM56-5B7).

  • KC-137R-RT Stratotanker: Advanced Air-To-Air Refueling System with ATA refuel ability (CFM56-5B7).

  • EC-137R Sentry: Advanced AWACS System, featuring glass cockpit (IAE V2528-D5).

  • RC-137R Rivet Joint: Advanced Reconnaissance System, featuring glass cockpit (CFM56-5B7).

  • E-8R Joint STARS: Advanced ground surveillance, battle management, command and control aircraft (IAE V2528-D5).

  • C-137R Stratoliner: Advanced military transport aircraft and VIP clipper, featuring glass cockpit (IAE V2528-D5).


  • MD-GRK (themadgreek): Original KC-137R project idea with CFM LEAP X engines.
  • J Maverick 16: Initial contribution and update of original model; current maintainer and developer.
  • Joshua Davidson (Octal450): Further contribution, introduction of the other variants and reconfiguration of cockpit, systems, FDM, Autopilot, Sounds and many more; former maintainer and developer.
  • peter305305: Minor sound update.
  • FL2070: Custom sound pack for engines and other.
  • onox: Importation of some of his former 707 project with advanced MP refueling system.
  • Martien Van Der Plas: Major 3D upgrades and texturing to all variants.
  • Nikolai V. Christensen (Leto): Damage model, advanced radar and related help.
  • Justin Nicholson (Pinto): Damage code and related suggestions, flight test and evaluation.
  • SHM: Minor instrument addition.
  • Gabriel Hernandez: Sound fixes and updates.
  • D-ECHO: First RC-137R 3D version.
  • chad3006: Instrument textures for Block 45 update.
  • Jabberwocky (JWOCKY): Technical help and suggestions.
  • Gary Brown (N-SCOT): C-137R HD livery package.
  • Colin Geniet: Emesary and damage compatibility.
  • Some other people helped in the project with minor contributions.

The original 707 work was done by Innis Cunningham and then Mark Kraus from the Lake of Constance Hangar.


Advanced Air-To-Air Refueling System based on the KC-135





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