Buy low, sell high.
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Buy low, sell high.

An AngularJS JavaScript single-page web application using services, directives, ui-router, and good modular code to create a stock portfolio simulator using Yahoo's finance trading data

//Josh Planning select * from where symbol = "AAPL" and startDate = "2014-01-01" and endDate = "2014-12-31" &format=json &diagnostics=true &env=store:// &callback= select * from where symbol = "ALL" and startDate = "2014-01-01" and endDate = "2014-12-31" &format=json &diagnostics=true &env=store:// &callback=

Top level navbar main area

Routing Top level navbar ui-view Trading state Top date picker Left stock data Right ui-view trading transactions portfolio

Services StockService DatePickerService TradingService


Top Panel View - 'DatePickerCtrl' Date Picker Widget minimum date maximum date current date current date editable (within min/max)

Left Panel View - 'DataCtrl' Stock Data Widget Stocks table table - Symbol, Price, 1d, 7d, 30d, Trade link populate from static data then hook up the API service avoid unnecessary API calls Filter (text field) clicking headings orders by that heading refactor for skinny controller

Right Panel View - 'MainPanelCtrl' Trade Widget - controller? Add route for "trade" Clicking "Trade" in stocks widget opens it up Trade form w/ place order button Display cash available Display validity of order Validations - only allow if valid Auto-pop dates and stock symbol Keep track of the transaction when submitted Watch out for "time travel"

Transactions Widget - controller? Add route for transactions Allow switching trade/transactions w/ dropdown Table of transactions Filtering of transactions Sorting of transactions Seeding transactions

Portfolio Widget - controller? Add route 2 tables portfolio table - all the info currentValue = quantity * currentPrice costBasis = moneySpentBuying - moneyEarnedSelling 1d,7d,30d - compare values with that many days ago trading days only! cash in table to show balance trade link goes to that route (pre-populate trading form) aggregated stats table at top

Make sure it works!

Optional gamification

//Sam Planning //single page app //everything /portfolio

//main page //navbar

//section for date picker // url: /#/datepicker // use promises to run a db query based on this date // when all successful, return queries (stock, price, 1d, 7d, 30d) //pass in that data to other 'states'?

//section for stock data //display queried stock data //enable filter //trade links to portfolio state

//portfolio //does portfolio start off blank b/c no transactions? //how do stocks get selected for the portfolio-QQ

//portfolio has several nested routes
// portfolio/trade