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I've added the ability to specify the http method in ttt_call() and in redirect and gather scopes.

Important note: one of my changes is to modify the argument signature for ttt_call() to use an options hash. Thought it would be tidier given the method would take the number of optional arguments to three.

Also did a few other minor little bits and bobs (tidying, etc).

Jon Gilbraith added some commits Jan 25, 2013
Jon Gilbraith Add info about running tests to the README. 14dfd9a
Jon Gilbraith Rename dummy app views to use underscore naming convention. 2f97677
Jon Gilbraith Add .gitkeep to spec/dummy/db.
Absence causes errors first time you create your db.
Jon Gilbraith Modify argument signature of CallInProgress#initialize, and so ttt_ca…

An options hash instead of multiple "could be nil" args is neater and will better support addition of more options.
Jon Gilbraith Modify argument signature of post_for_twiml!.
For similar reasons to before.
Jon Gilbraith Bump version. abe7480
Jon Gilbraith Add support for specifying http method rather than defaulting to post.
* ttt_call()
* in Gather scope
* in Redirect scope

Should be "raise" not "rasie".

Good spot, will fix.


Thanks for the work on this! Looks great except for a small typo ("rasie" instead of "raise"). Ping me when you've fixed that and I'll merge, test, and republish the gem.


Thanks Jack, commit pushed fixing typo.



@JMongol JMongol merged commit 4d5d611 into JMongol:master Jan 30, 2013

New gem is sitting on my computer ready to go, but is down (for push), so it will go up later today.


Cheers Jack. Nearly home time here so will check back again in the morning.

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