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2011-05-02 07:07 James Rowe <>
* : Only strip binaries in install-strip target, this is hardly every
* : Added missing options to manual page.
2011-05-01 02:08 Tom Samstag <tsamstag@clamps.(none)>
* : Fixing off-by-one index out of bounds
2003-07-24 03:57 Peter Palfrader <>
* : Move setting hints a bit down, as suggested in wmfire's
bug report #250937 (closes: #251507). See
* : Restore default of using eth0 with 'fish show network traffic'.
(closes: #241284). One of the recent versions changed that to
ppp0! See
* : Allow an optional value for -n to specify the network interface.
(closes: #159782). See
2003-07-24 03:53 James Rowe <>
* : Merged the debian patch. Basically just changes a default option
in the Makefile and replaces the debian/ structure. A small
attempt to make importing patches much easier(as they seem to
be coming from Debian users a lot ;)
2004-07-24 03:38 Miguel Bazdresch <>
* : Stop the waterlevel memory monitor including cached memory in the
total. [Linux ONLY]
2003-11-05 05:03 James Rowe <>
* : Pull the NET_DEVICE variable in to the config section of the
Makefile. (suggestion from too many people to mention.)
* : Fixes to all "-Wall" warnings.
* : Fixed typo in PLUGIN_URL.
* : Wow, so not only are there still C compilers out there that don't
accept C++ style '//' comments, but there are people who use
such compilers out there too. In all seriousness though, thanks
to Teijo for finding such a system just to send a bug
report :P
2003-11-04 01:48 Bill Wilson <>
* : Adds a spin button and code so there can be a bubblefishymon
update interval independent of gkrellm builtin updates. I
arbitrarily set to allow 10 - 50 updates per second.
* : Put a callback on the prog_entry so that the apply_config
function can be eliminated. This totally converts the plugin
to an instant apply config and it becomes the first plugin I
know of that achieves this status! You'll notice there are no
longer the "Apply" and "Close" buttons appearing when the
bubblefishymon config page is up.
2003-11-02 16:37 James Rowe <>
* : Applied patch from Huw Giddens to fix the memory usage routines
for 2.6 kernels that still works for 2.4 kernels. It is now
possible to use the same binary with different kernels.
* : Import of debian packaging dir, again from Huw Giddens. Probably
requires some fixing by someone with a Debian box, because
some of the Makefile changes have not been applied. [ PREFIX
and "all" target]. And the "install" target changes have been
taken under some duress.
2003-10-08 11:36 James Rowe <>
* : Applied the gkrellm2 support patch from Debian's package, by
Sjoerd Simons <>.
* : Includes and installs the debian packages' manpage.
* : Hacked in Linux 2.6 mem support from the bubblemon-dockapp-1.41
release. Reads version from linux's version.h and builds
* : Hacked in OpenBSD compile time support from the
bubblemon-dockapp-1.4 release.
* : Made GTK2 builds the default for both bubblefishymon and
* : Bumped revision to 0.6.0 from the original 0.5.1 release on